Stay safe with COVID-safe Online and On-site ticket sales, combined with Contactless Entry scanning

By James Osmond

Fast, easy, touch free and most importantly Covid-Secure - contactless on-site and online ticket sales, in combination with touch free entry scanning to protect your staff and patrons at your event.

In reaction to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve already discussed attendee contact tracing and tips for organising a Covid-safe event. But come event day, contactless patron check-in upon entry will keep your patrons and event staff even safer too!

Ticketebo's Door Scan Manager App

Free Contactless Entry Management Scanning

Ticketebo's contactless entry scanning technology, the Ticketebo Door Scan Manager App (free to download & use on iOS and Android), provides a touch-free and hygienic way to check-in your attendees, reducing the need for any physical contact with your patrons.  

Patrons can even self check in by scanning their own ticket on a device provided at entry (either smartphone or iPad) under the watchful gaze of a staff member to monitor ticket scanning and provide support as required.

Not only does the app deliver a touch free entrance, it also allows you to monitor your attendees easily to see who is onsite, giving you live check-in data at your fingertips!

On-site ticket sales are contact free too!

No doubt you will be pushing your patrons to pre-purchase their tickets online for ease on event day. And you'll likely have restricted capacities to adhere to, but there may be some patrons who need to buy a ticket on arrival. Our Ticket Box Office POS app will deliver the contactless payment solution you are after - the perfect ticketing system for Gate Sales/Door Sales in a Covid Safe manner.

Patrons can select their ticket/s via the tablet at entry (or you can manage the ticket sale process via the device if you prefer a no shared device solution), they tap their card for contactless payment, and then receive their tickets & receipt via SMS or email! It’s that easy!

Ticketebo’s Box Office solution provides a fully integrated merchant facility, or you can use your own Merchant/EFTPOS service if you prefer.

Ticketebo’s Box Office app can be loaded up to sell your range of on-site ticket options, including standard tickets, discounted tickets, group tickets and even your Merchandise items should you wish – allowing you to provide contactless payments throughout your event.

To find out more about how our contactless Entry Scanning App and Box Office Ticket Sales App may benefit your event, please call us today on 01617 680 580 and we can chat further to ensure your event is optimally run for a covid-safe environment.

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