Ticketing Reserved (Allocated) Seated Events with COVID-Safe & Secure Social Distancing

By James Osmond

Ticketebo makes selling tickets in compliance with your COVID-safe event plan easy. Ticketebo provides all the tools you will need to keep your patrons, performers and staff safe.  Today we are looking at how we deliver Socially Distanced Reserved (Allocated) Seating for your event to ensure a Covid-Secure plan for all.

If you are wanting to sell allocated seating (i.e where the patron receives their allocated seat number on their ticket), then Ticketebo is pleased to support the following various seating plan schema, and remember our system does it all for you:

- Basic Social Distancing (allocate a seat, then miss “x” seat/s for social distancing)

- Group Social Distancing (allocate a group together, then miss “x” seat/s for social distancing)

- Skip Row Social Distancing (in order to satisfy any Front and Rear social distancing requirements)  

Group Social Distancing

Let’s now take a closer look at the benefits of the Group Social Distancing option, our most popular Allocated Seating plan option which includes social distancing.

With this option Ticketebo’s ticket platform completes all the hard lifting by auto-magically placing groups (who buy their tickets in a single order) together in seats side by side to each other, then locking out seats between them and the next group in order to deliver the required levels of social distancing. Depending on your need and current restrictions, you can decide how many seats should be left between each group (as the below image shows with examples of 1, 2 and 3 seat spacing)


Skip Row Social Distancing

Depending on the restrictions in place in your area, the spacing of seats in between rows may also be required by your venue to deliver social distancing to the front and rear of each group. Ticketebo delivers this easily by blocking out entire rows if the venue requires it. Please note in blocking out entire rows your maximum event capacity reduces significantly (for example, in the case of a single skipped row, your available capacity has shrunk by half instantly).

How do I know what my total available event capacity will be with socially distanced allocated seating?

This is such an important question, but sadly one without a fixed answer.

Let’s start with the basics, by way of an example: My venue has 1000 fixed seats in 20 rows of 50 Seats  with one main aisle down the middle. I have been asked to a) skip a row front and back of each group and b) miss 1 seat between each group (but groups can sit together).

So here is what we know. In order to deliver a) (skip a row between groups), we are down to 500 seats being available for sale.

For part b) each patron group size will ultimately determine exactly how many seats you can sell till you hit capacity. For example if you have the (albeit completely) unlikely situation where all your guests book single seats then you can only fill half of the remaining 500 seats (50%). At the other end of the scale if your group sizes are large on average, then you have the opportunity to fill significantly more seats per available row. Rest assured Ticketebo’s seating plan algorithms do a great job filling your venue to the maximum capacity based on your seating plan restrictions. On average we see a 63% sell through rate of the (remaining) seats available. Armed with this information you will then of course need to plan out the rest of your event: for example, how many shows you will need to put on to satisfy expected demand, your ticket price (to deliver a profitable event), and any additional capping of tickets per group you may need to also apply (to ensure a fair distribution of tickets).

If the above has you scratching your head – then you are absolutely not alone! This stuff isn’t easy, but rest assured our friendly Client Services team is on hand 7 days a week to help guide you through all your questions, and provide expert advice. In fact, we will even build your event ticketing pages and seating plan for you! By using our solution, our software will optimally fill your venue as seats are bought. So there is no confusion as to how many tickets you have available, our solution automatically adjusts your capacity after each socially distanced order has been processed, taking into account the social distancing rules we have setup for your venue.

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For more information about ticketing your event on Ticketebo, and how we can support you to deliver a COVID-safe event, please get in touch with us on 01617 680 580 or via our Contact Us page

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