On-site Event Box Office Ticketing

Ticketebo's Ticket Box Office app makes selling tickets on-site at your event ultra quick and easy

Ticketebo's Box Office Solutions for Events

Whether you sell 50 or 50,000 tickets on-site at your events, then Ticketebo's Box Office Ticket Sales app is your perfect ticketing system for your Gate Sales/Door Sales.

Our simple to use, intuitive Event Box Office POS app will have your event team complete a ticket sale with just a few clicks; see your patrons receive their tickets within seconds (via SMS and/or email); ready to be scanned in as usual using our Free Door Scan Manager app.

Our Ticket Box Office App enables payment by cash or card, with your choice of using Ticketebo's fully integrated merchant facility, or your own Merchant/EFTPOS service if you prefer.

The POS Box Office app can be loaded up to sell your range of on-site ticket options, including standard tickets, discounted tickets, group tickets, even Merchandise items should you wish.

Ticketebo's Box Office app for onsite ticket sales

By processing your venue ticket sales via the Ticketing POS platform, you will now be able to collect critical patron data to assist your marketing for future events.

Ticketebo's Box Office app is driven by our full ticketing platform, and ensures inventory restrictions are in place in real time across all your ticketing channels (both on-site and online), while also giving you full visibility of live ticket sales data throughout your event.

Detailed sales reporting draws all your online ticket sales and on-site ticket sales together in one simple, single view of total ticket sales across all channels.

Our reports make daily reconciliations of On-site ticket sales a breeze, with full visibility of ticket sales down to each Cashier Till if needed.

In addition to our on-site Ticket Box Office solution, Ticketebo offers an extensive range of technology and staffing solutions for events to optimise the smooth running of your events. To find out more about our On-site Ticketing, Technology and Staffing Solutions Click Here.

For more information on Ticketebo's Box Office solution, please get in touch with us on 01617 680 580 or via our Contact Us page