Ticketebo's Trees for Change Ticketing Program

Trees For Change: Ticketing that helps the environment

Go green: send your tickets via SMS and help the planet - one tree at a time!

Mangrove restoration in Madagascar

Ticketebo’s Trees For Change Program is simple: go green and choose to have your tickets sent by SMS (so no need to print your tickets anymore!) - and as a thank you, we will plant a tree for you.

It’s one small, easy way to give back to the planet, and tackle Climate Change together.


Ticketebo’s Trees for Change Program

Ticketebo's Trees for Change Environmental Program   We plant trees with Ecologi

Ticketebo has partnered with Ecologi to deliver it's Trees for Change Program.

Ticketebo’s Trees For Change program is an optional add-on for Patrons and Event Organisers, which gifts the planting of trees as we sell tickets to events.


Trees for Change - for Patrons:

By paying an extra £0.49 to have your tickets sent via SMS - you will be helping the planet by cutting out the environmental impact of paper, ink and other waste derived from printing your tickets. And as a thank you for making this green choice, we will plant a tree for you in the Trees for Change forest! It’s that simple! We will send you a link to your tree so that over time you can check in on the progress to see your seedling become a sapling, and through to be a mature tree in the Ticketebo Trees for Change Forest!

The program achieves two key environmental benefits:

1. Tickets sent via SMS reduce Print and Paper waste: by choosing to have your tickets sent via SMS to your smartphone you won’t need to waste any paper or ink by printing your tickets at home anymore. The fact they arrive instantly (no more junk mail gremlins!), scan very quickly and look great on your smartphone, is just an added bonus!

2. By going green, Ticketebo will further enhance your enviro-friendly decision by planting a tree for you in the Trees For Change forest! (It will even have your name on it!)

A win win! No more printing at home - and have a tree planted in your honour as a thank you!

But if all the above is not for you, we totally respect that decision. Having your tickets sent via SMS is totally optional, and always will be. It’s your choice.


Trees for Change - for Event Organisers:

With Ticketebo’s Trees For Change Organiser Program a single ticket order sent via SMS can result in 3 trees being planted!

In addition to our SMS program for patrons, Ticketebo actively encourages our Event Organisers to join in on the fun too. In addition to any sign up Tree Planting Incentives which Ticketebo may run over time, our standard Organiser Program asks whether our Organisers would like to match the amount of trees which their patrons committed to (when choosing the paperless ticket option). And when the organiser matches the Tree Commitment: Ticketebo will match* that additional tree pledge as well! In doing so every SMS sent by patrons can result in 3 trees being planted!
(*conditions apply)

As an Organiser we understand this may not rock your boat, or you may have other fundraising goals which drive you, so just as the Patron Program is fully optional - similarly the Organiser Trees For Change program is totally optional too.

Trees for Change reforestation project

Trees for Change FAQs:

Why did Ticketebo choose a program which plants Trees to help the environment?
It’s common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees. They are also crucial in preventing ecological collapse. All of us at Ticketebo want to help make a difference and this seemed like a simple, and transparent way of helping to do this.

How do I know if I have had a tree planted for me as promised?
The process of Ticketebo honouring our pledge to plant a tree for you is fully automated. At the same time that we digitally tell our SMS provider to issue your ticket via SMS, we also tell Ecologi to plant a tree for you as our thank you for going green! The tree is recorded in your name (as we tell Ecologi your First Name and first letter of your Surname ie Fred Bloggs is submitted as Fred B but that's all: we won’t be passing on any private info to them). In this way your tree is named after you inside our forest, and we will also send you a weblink to your tree, so you can check in on its progress whenever you want (and even share your tree's progress with your friends!)

From there your tree order is furnished with a unique identifier - so that when your tree planting request is executed, we can tell you all about your tree: what type of species it is, where it is planted and even how old it is!
Here is an example of the info you will see about your tree: https://ecologi.com/ticketeboltd?treeId=618a736d1d977734b4d063fa

How long will it take for my tree to be planted?
As a general rule, it can take up to 60 days from your transaction to be processed through to the Forestation Project. A full audit of tree purchases made by Ecologi to the various projects worldwide they are supporting at any moment, can be see on their website, and also their Public Impact and operations ledger visible here.


For more FAQ’s around the on ground execution of our Trees for Change program, visit Ecologi's in depth FAQ's page here


About Ticketebo

Ticketebo is a full service Ticketing business operating in Australia and the UK. Our solutions help event organisers sell tickets to their events online and in person at their events.

Ticketebo cares deeply about the environment and the impact of climate change on the planet. We are a climate aware business. All the ticketing services we deliver to patrons and organisers events today are Carbon Negative (meaning we offset more carbon than our whole business and tickets we sell produce). And we are not stopping there: our business will achieve Net-Zero emissions by 2030 (or sooner).

For more info on Ticketebo Carbon Negative status and other environmental initiatives: Click Here.


About Ecologi

Ecologi is a market leader in funding climate solutions worldwide and positive climate action. Since 2019 Ecologi has planted over 25 Million Trees and they fund only the best gold standard projects. Ecologi's mission is to help mitigate 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040, with the ultimate aim of playing our part in reversing climate change.

For more information about Ecologi, their forestry and carbon reduction programs, their transparency and credentials - visit the Ecologi website at https://ecologi.com/about


Find out more information

If you would like further information about Ticketebo’s Trees for Change Program or our other environmental policies and programs, please get in touch with us on 01617 680 580 or email us today on service@ticketebo.co.uk