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Pricing summary

Free events are free for both the event organiser and consumer.

For paid events, Ticketebo is also free for event organisers. There are no registration or set up costs and no monthly account fees when using our event ticket software.
Instead, when you sell a ticket online, we charge a small booking fee to your customers of just 4.95% (Incl. VAT) of the Total transaction value, with a minimum booking fee per transaction of 75p (Inc. VAT). Unlike most, we do not charge a per ticket booking fee as this delivers better value for your customers.

Or if you’d rather absorb the booking fee into your ticket price (and not display a booking fee to the consumer in the checkout process) – we can do that too by deducting our booking fee from your ticket revenues.

There are also no additional credit card fees when you sell tickets through our online ticket system - these costs are all covered in the booking fee charge.

Here are some examples of how the booking fee is therefore applicable to various customer orders:

Total Order Value Booking Fee (Inc VAT)
Free £0.00
£10 £0.75
£20 £0.99
£50 £2.48
£100 £4.95
£200 £9.90
£300 £14.85


We think our low costs make other booking fees of 10%+VAT + 80p per ticket + Scanning Fees look decidedly pricey!

Ticketebo's Barcoded tickets and scanning technology

Additional services available to organisers

In addition to our standard event ticketing software and event registration services, we also offer a range of premium services designed to enhance your event's branding, sell tickets across all channels, deliver exceptional customer service, and ensure your event runs even better on the day. These services include:

Entry Staff & Box Office Sales Staff: we offer full provisioning of box office sales and entry management staffing UK-wide by experienced event personnel.
• Event specialist Multi Channel Contact Centre Services: including outsourced call management; email, live chat & social media contact management.
iOS Event Leads Management app for Exhibitors at Conferences, Trade Shows and Expos: enabling the instant delivery of patron contact information (via the ticket sales process) to exhibitors by scanning the patron's ticket/lanyard inside the event). Learn More
Pre-allocation of barcodes for 3rd party print management (for printed tickets / lanyards)
Ingestion of 3rd party barcodes into Ticketebo's scanning software.
Turnstile Integration: ingestion of live ticket sales data into existing venue turnstile infrastructure.
Device Hire (iPads or iPhones with 3G/4G connectivity) should you wish to hire devices for your entry staff to use at the door to scan tickets.
Production of physical tickets: incorporating our integrated barcodes on all tickets (therefore entry management can be driven by our free entry manager App) to complement online ticket sales via
• The build and hosting of custom event websites and other custom registration solutions which seamlessly integrate with our ticketing engine.

Premium Organiser Services do incur additional fees for the organiser. For more information and detailed pricing for our premium product & services, please contact our Client Services team on 01617 680 580.

Payment to Organisers

We know how important it is for organisations to be able to access sales revenues as soon as possible.

We pride ourselves on our speedy payout cycle. We aim to have your ticket revenue in your account within 2 working days of your event taking place. Speak to us about how this works.

STRIPE Integration

We integrate with Stripe - so if you need your funds before the event, we can link to your own STRIPE account, and you will recieve payouts on a day by day basis. (You will need to pay your STRIPE fees, however we offer a partial fee rebate if you choose this option as we wont be using our own payment processing partner.) Ask us for more information on how this works.

Other questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for Event Organisers, or chat to us live using the live online chat function on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Alternatively drop us a line at or call us on 01617 680 580.

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