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You F*lthy Amateur | Application Page

You F*lthy Amateur | Application Page


The Warehouse, The Hive, 3 Grand Parade, Skegness, Lincolnshire PE25 2UN


Saturday 1 June 2024 is Deadline for Submissions

Final is on Friday 26 October 2024

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About You F*lthy Amateur | Application Page

Applications - OPEN

Deadline - 1st June

Results - 1st July

Final 26th October

Here are the rules and categories:

YFA Rules & Regulations

Entrants must be over 18 at the time of entry video submission.

Applicants may be any gender. The top 6 from each category will go through to the final. 1st & 2nd & 3rd place will be awarded at the final.

We welcome applications from international competitors.

Applicants must make themselves aware of all You Filthy Amateur terms and conditions prior to entry. Competitors will be judged on the same criteria in the video and Grand Final.

Judges decision is final.


Removal of clothing is not compulsory, all styles of sexy are welcome. You may go as far as a thong. Nipple pasties are optional, but not compulsory. Heels are not compulsory.

Note: This is not a tricks-based competition, but please do not disregard that 10 points are available for tricks, so include a couple of well executed tricks, these are just guidelines for levels. Tricks include well performed climbs and sits.

We check socials and email studios, please make sure you are entering the correct category, and always email if you have any doubts. There will be a 10 point deduction for anyone entering a category below their level to ensure fairness and integrity.

BEGINNER: For students only, with a guideline of one years pole experience. We recognise some beginners may have poled longer, and may have taken breaks. Please email if you are unsure. If you have placed 1st in a beginner competition, please enter intermediate. Basic climbs and basic inverts only, i.e. Gemini & crucifix. Headstands & cross knee release are permitted. Butterfly would be classed in intermediate.

INTERMEDIATE: For Students only, enter here if you are capable of/ would like to include difficulty level such as Butterfly, Flatline, Basic Jade Split, floor shoulder mounts (deadlifts Shoulder mounts are advanced). You should only be able to perform few advanced moves, such as arms only tricks, or advanced flexibility in your training. If you are capable of more – please enter advanced. You can include a maximum of one arms only trick in intermediate. (Arms only tricks are advanced, but often, overall intermediates, can perform one or two advanced tricks, any more – you’re advanced)

ADVANCED: For students only, enter here if you are capable of more advanced tricks, advanced strength tricks, complex combos or extreme flexibility tricks.

INSTRUCTOR: For those teaching pole & teaching assistants, who have not previously won an instructor title. Any 1st place titles, please enter Semi-pro.

SEMI PRO: Club workers, strippers with more than 3 months experience (strippers with less than 3 months experience at the time of the deadline, 1st June are permitted to enter the appropriate pole level) Dancers who have judged, or guest performed less than 5 times. Instructors that have won a 1st place award.

PROFESSIONAL: For anyone who is regularly paid to perform or guest performs regularly at events. (Regularly means more than 5 times) You should also enter professional if you have competed in a national competition (Pole Theatre, MPD, UKPPC) at pro level or judged more than 5 competitions.

For any doubles or groups, please enter the category of the most advanced dancer.


If you have been in the final of Dance Filthy, Pole Theatre Classique, The Authentics or the Classique division of another competition. If in any doubt please send me an email to youfilthyamateur@aol.com You can have entered a heat, but you cannot have progressed to the final. Online Lockdown competitions are excluded.


You must be available on the FINAL, the 26th October 2024, 6pm – 11 latest.

Video Rules:

1. Videos MUST be on YouTube or Vimeo. No downloadable files allowed. Videos may be on unlisted setting in YouTube, but not private. URL of video may be submitted at checkout or emailed to youfilthyamateur@aol.com before the deadline. 

2. Videos must be between 2 – 3 minutes in length (any longer will not be watched).

3. Videos must not be edited in any way and must be filmed in one single take (i.e. no splicing together of different clips) Professional videos from previous events are permitted.

4. Videos must be of good quality with sufficient lighting.

5. Only one video will be viewed per entrant per category. Entrants cannot submit multiple videos to one category. (You can enter as a solo and as a double)

6. The video must show only the entrant performing. Human props are allowed to be in the video if they are being used as human props and not also performing.

Videos must be submitted by midnight on the 1st June, We will announce results by 1st July.

The rules for the final are the same as the rules for the video except for timing:

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced routines should be between 3 – 4mins.

Instructor, Semi Pro & Pro should be between 3:30 – 4:30.

Scoring: 10 points are available in each section.

Flow: How did your routine link together, was it smooth and confidently delivered?

Stage Presence: Did you engage with the audience (Camera for videos) Do you show confidence? Did you command attention.

Floor Work: Does your floorwork suit your song, is it fluid, clean, original?

Tricks: Are tricks well-chosen and well executed with clean entry and exit? (No score for difficulty, just execution, but we do need to see a couple of well-chosen tricks to score here) Spins, Sits, layouts and climbs count as tricks.

Provocation: Is the routine stripper style, sexy, sensual, dirty, raw, is it full of intention and is the dancer authentic to themselves?

Costume: Does your costume match your style, is it well fitted, original, authentic.

EVENT LOCATION: The Warehouse, The Hive, 3 Grand Parade
Skegness, Lincolnshire PE25 2UN View Larger Map
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